onsdag den 14. december 2011


I am human
humans dream
I am a dreamer
and I have dreamt
I have dreamt a world of concrete and silence
and false suns emerging from the darkness
in the hands of uniformed men
I have dreamed raindrops on the windows of trains
the blurry passage of time
and cropless fields stretching towards the horizon
I have dreamed the burning of books
the withering of words
and writers being sentenced to death for the crimes committed by pens
I have dreamt acres of woods
trees older than mankind and plants
creeping up from the ground
gripping your angles and holding you tight
unsilencing you and making you sing on the top of your lungs
I have dreamt the moment of creation
I have dreamt the beauty of decay
I have dreamt the sound of boots on a dusty countryroad
walking for years without destination
I have dreamt the human race
I am a dreamer
humans dream
I am human

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